Join the beta: Chunky recording is now available for mmhmm for Windows

Ganda Suthivarakom

Nov 10, 2021

We’re putting the win in Windows this week and releasing the beta version of Chunky to mmhmm for Windows! mmhmm believes that the work of the future will be powered by richer, snackable recordings—the polar opposite of boring, synchronous meetings. With mmhmm Chunky, recording has never been easier, more customizable, or, frankly, more relaxed. We’re happy to announce that Windows folks can get in on all the presentation-perfecting fun by joining the beta. 

Record confidently with takes

mmhmm Chunky offers a new way to record your presentation in chunks until you get it right. Save multiple takes for each slide (you can find them all in the Takes tab). Then, edit your presentation right in mmhmm, choosing the best takes for each slide, until you’ve made the perfect recording.

Share a link or put it on mmhmm TV

When you’re ready to share a recording, publish your customized presentation and share a lightweight link—no more giant files or context-less decks. Or, join the mmhmm TV beta, perfect for sharing content with your business team, or for confidential presentations you want to invite select people to watch.

Supercharge time by blending live slides with recorded ones

Pre-recording slides for presentations you’ve perfected can save time, but if you want to open the floor to discussion, Chunky makes it easy to switch between live and recorded content. To remix recordings with live talk, make sure to choose None from the Takes tab for each slide you want to present live. Then, choose Playback from the mode bar to play both recorded slides and live slides. 

Make a scene 

Scenes, formerly known as Presets, make it easy to line up your content, your room, and your appearance for one or more slides before you begin your presentation. Then advance through your presentation without having to fuss with the size of your slide or where you are on screen. 

How to join the beta

To join the beta, visit our beta download page, which will show you how to install a version with all the goodies we’ve listed here. (For now, you won’t be able to use presentations you created in the previous version of mmhmm with the beta, or vice versa.)

Your feedback helps us polish mmhmm before we release it to the general public. We’d love for you to join the testing crew so that we can make mmhmm for Windows better for everyone. Send your feedback to so that we can hear about what you want to improve (and what you’re really into).