Questions: Find your voice with mmhmm’s AI-enhanced interviewing tool

Ganda Suthivarakom

Jun 18, 2024

Writing a script can be the most daunting part of recording a video. Sometimes you know what you want to talk about, but not exactly what you want to say. You could ask AI to write you a script, but what you get can often be just…average. Wouldn’t your audience rather hear your original thoughts, in your unique voice?

That’s where Questions, a feature from the mmhmm 2.9 release, can help. Instead of writing a script for you to parrot, Questions can help draw smart answers out of you—in your own words and your own voice. Start by telling us the topic of your video. mmhmm uses AI to generate follow-up questions that can help you explain your ideas naturally and confidently.

Watch this video to hear why mmhmm co-founder and CEO Phil Libin is excited about our human-centered approach to AI, and why he believes in the power of a good question. And get started with mmhmm 2.9 to try Questions for yourself.