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For simple presentations and the ability to connect mmhmm to other video services. Five recordings published per month. Unlimited video calls with up to five people.



For full control of your video communications. Get unlimited recordings and powerful customization for showstopping presentations.

mmhmm FOR teams

$15/mo/active user

For teams who want to supercharge collaboration over video. Create a shared video library for team knowledge. Manage multiple accounts with easy billing.

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Create and edit presentations

Works with Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Webex

Join or start mmhmm video calls

5 people/
40 minutes per call

10 people/
unlimited time per call

10 people/
unlimited time per call

Save recordings as files or cloud uploads




Access to hundreds of Premium rooms, or upload a custom background

Shared library of team videos with tags for browsing

Admin dashboard for managing users and billing

Add custom rooms for all users in your team

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Are there any limits on the number of mmhmm video calls a free account can start?

No. With free accounts on mmhmm, there are no limits on the number of video calls you can make.

How many times can I connect mmhmm to another video service (e.g. Zoom)?

No matter what tier of mmhmm you are using, you can connect mmhmm to other video services without limit.

Is there a discount for annual billing?

Yes. Premium is $120 per year (compared to $12 per month), while Teams is $180 per year (compared to $18 per month).

What does “active user” mean in mmhmm for Teams?

An active user is a user who has logged in and used the app at least once during the billing period. This means you only have to pay for the people on your team that have activated their accounts and are using the product.

How long do I have access to Premium rooms?

When you sign up for mmhmm, you receive a free 30-day trial of Premium features, which includes unlimited access to hundreds of Premium rooms.

Do you offer support for billing questions or issues?

Yes. Our support team is happy to resolve any issue that might come up with your subscription.


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