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If you missed any of the live talks, catch up below for demos of mmhmm’s newest features, masterclasses on improving your video presence, and stories from our community.
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Phil Libin wearing black glasses and smiling

Phil Libin

Cofounder and CEO, mmhmm

Welcome to mmhmm Summer

It’s the official kick-off to mmhmm Summer! See Phil Libin demonstrate mmhmm 2.0 Chunky in all its time-bending, space-defying action.

Christine Foote smiling

Christine Foote

Creative Services, mmhmm

Why video should be your BFF

Dive into tips and strategies for better public speaking using video—no matter where you are on the speaking spectrum.

Drew Badali with grin

Drew Badali

Music teacher

The unstoppable music teacher

See how children's educator Drew Badali uses mmhmm to totally transform his in-person music classes in Canada into toddler-transfixing video sessions seen around the world.

Phil Libin

Phil Libin

Cofounder and CEO, mmhmm

Find the best version of you with Takes and Remixes

Phil Libin demonstrates a powerful new way to practice, record and share your best presentation performance by mixing live and prerecorded video in mmhmm.

Garr Reynolds

Garr Reynolds

Author of Presentation Zen

Simplify to amplify

Messy, dense presentations clutter your message. Garr Reynolds explains how to deliver better presentations by leaning on the principles of Zen simplicity and applying design that clears the mind.

Gerd Leonhard

Futurist, Keynote speaker

The tech-positive humanist

As we exit crisis mode and readjust to the new normal, learn what mmhmm enthusiast and Switzerland-based futurist Gerd Leonhard is placing his bets on for society in a post-Covid world.

Enrique Dans

Enrique Dans

Professor of Innovation at IE Business School

Turn video into your teaching superpower

If your students hate virtual learning, you may want to use video differently. Enrique Dans explains how to reinvent your lesson plan and make the most of video's advantages.

Christine Foote

Christine Foote

Creative Services, mmhmm

Play to video’s strengths

Making your video meetings more entertaining with visual aides can also make your content more accessible. Christine Foote shows you different ways to augment your presentation and expand your audience.

Tamera Miyasato wearing bead earrings and smiling

Tamera Miyasato

Cofounder, Indigenous Storytime

The traditional storyteller

Hear the indigenous language and oral tradition practiced by Tamera Miyasato, who uses mmhmm to share stories and culture with children all across Turtle Island.

Natalia Talkowska pursing her lips and looking up

Natalia Talkowska

CEO and Founder, Natalka Design

The power of visual storytelling

See visual storytelling examples in action, become a more engaging and entertaining storyteller and explain what you mean in a more engaging way.

Healthcare clowns

Prescription Joy

Healthcare clowns

The laugh staff

Get a virtual visit from professional joy igniters Joe and Goe, who use mmhmm to travel through space, swim with sharks, and tickle the imaginations of kids in need of a good giggle.

Phil Libin wearing black glasses and smiling

Phil Libin

Cofounder and CEO, mmhmm


Phil Libin demonstrates mmhmm’s Copilot 2.0 feature, which teleports you or a friend into each other’s spaces.

Phil Libin wearing black glasses and smiling

Phil Libin

Cofounder and CEO, mmhmm

Cancel your meetings

Yes, you can cancel a bunch of your least productive meetings and replace them with asynchronous updates—Phil Libin shows you how to do it with mmhmm.

Rebekah Maggor smiling wearing scarf

Rebekah Maggor

Artistic Director, mmhmm

Supercharge your talk with tips from Aristotle

Rebekah Maggor shows how great speakers deploy classical elements of rhetoric and good communication in new media.

Misato Ohkawa smiling

Misato Ohkawa

Actress, Web director

The actor’s studio

Watch a creative actress perform live theater over video, and find out how Japan-based Misato Ohkawa turned her livestream into a full extended reality studio with mmhmm.

Phil Libin wearing black glasses and smiling

Phil Libin

Cofounder and CEO, mmhmm

Closing Keynote

mmhmm Summer may be ending, but the fun doesn’t stop in mmhmm land.


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