mmhmm 2.9: Think out loud for better video

Ganda Suthivarakom

Jun 18, 2024

We’ve been hard at work building tools to enhance your communication superpowers, and while a new version of mmhmm is coming in the fall, we’re offering a preview of what’s to come.

With mmhmm 2.9, we’re making it easier to turn your knowledge into videos that convey what you know and who you are.

Think out loud with Questions

Screenshot of mmhmm Questions "Can you give me an overview about bird watching?"

Questions, our AI tool, offers a new approach for creating video content without a script. It’s not a script-writer—we’re not here to tell you what to think. Instead, Questions can help you articulate your own thoughts in your own voice. Start by telling us the topic of your video; then, answer AI-enhanced questions to create a concise, edited video you can share or add to. Learn more about Questions from our CEO, Phil Libin, and hear about our approach to human-centered AI.

Jump ahead with the new start screen

The new start screen makes it easier to get right to work on your next video, whether you’re starting from scratch or building on an existing presentation.

Start screen mmhmm

On the New tab, start a new presentation using one of our pre-designed layouts or import your favorite deck from PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF.

Presentations tab mmhmm

On the Presentations tab, browse through your video and presentation library, or search for the video you want to work on.

Add visuals anytime with overlays

Overlays screenshot mmhmm with bird and person in timeline

Great videos don’t always have to start with a storyboard. Energize your videos with visual variety and momentum without slowing down the pace of your audio by adding overlays. Add images, videos, and text to your video after you’ve recorded what you want to say. Visit our help center article on recording for more details on how to add an overlay.

Explore expanded design options

Over the last few months, we’ve expanded our design options to give you more control over your presentations for both live and recorded sessions.

A reorganized interface

Find everything you need to create, modify, or record your videos from the top toolbar. Use the bottom toolbar to navigate through your slides, or invite colleagues to a work session.

UI for mmhmm on purple background

Slide layouts

Choose from 8 pre-designed slide layouts with or without media and text, or add a blank slide and design it yourself.

Slide layouts for mmhmm on purple background

Crop and zoom

Edit your visuals to draw attention to the areas that matter. Adjust your videos, screenshares, and images without having to export them elsewhere.

Crop and Zoom in mmhmm with purple background, person winking, and bird

Laser pointers

Make your point with three different shapes (arrow, cursor, or hand) or five colored laser pointers so your audience never has to guess where to look.

Laser pointers in mmhmm person with blue hair and graph in background

Plus: Everything you don’t see

Sometimes the best enhancements are the ones you never notice. We’ve improved mmhmm’s performance and squashed a lot of bugs. Your feedback is crucial for helping us make mmhmm better for everyone, so please reach out to customer support to share your thoughts.

Get started with mmhmm 2.9 to try the latest features and uplevel your next live or recorded video.

What do you think? We can’t wait to hear your answers.