Introducing mmhmm 2.0 Chunky: Make video work for you

Ganda Suthivarakom

May 27, 2021

To kick off our summer celebration in honor of mmhmm inc.’s first birthday, we’ve made some groundbreaking changes, and we’re excited to preview the features you’ll get to try for yourself in the coming weeks.

But first, a look back.

When we started mmhmm one year ago, we had no idea where the world would be at this time. While we have definitely missed some in-person interactions, we’ve also learned that certain aspects of life are not just fine on video, but ridiculously better.

We’ve helped entrepreneurs shift to video and flourish with more engaging presentations. We’ve given teachers a stage that allows every student to take a seat in the front row. We’ve provided employees the power to use asynchronous interactive recordings to kill unproductive meetings. We made quick-draw GIPHY jokes possible, just because we could.

Over the past year, we realized that we needed to solve one of the biggest problems of video presentation: how to be sure you’re always giving the best performance possible, whether you’re in a high-pressure live environment or trying to record the perfect continuous take. That’s why we’re excited to unveil mmhmm’s most ambitious update yet.

Meet mmhmm Chunky

When you have one chance to make an impression, you don’t want it to just be good—you want it to be flawless. Whether you’re a natural performer readying the perfect sales pitch or a quiet designer explaining the details of your work to a colleague, mmhmm makes it easy for everyone to achieve video perfection.

In our latest update, mmhmm 2.0 Chunky divides your video into “chunks,” expanding your recording capability within those chunks so you don’t have to do a continuous long take. Each moment can be designed, streamlined, and performed to your exact standards so that you can present the ideal performance every single time.

Presets 2.0

We’re giving you better control over the layout and look of every moment of your presentation with improved Presets. The previous version of slide settings allowed you to art direct your performance, applying custom room and presenter settings on a slide-by-slide basis. The improved Presets make it super easy to apply settings to more than one slide. Switch from full screen slide with a semi-transparent presenter to staring out from a crystal ball and back to full screen slide, without having to make adjustments each time.

Stream it

With Chunky, you can stream both live and prerecorded presentations directly from mmhmm. (If you watched our keynote, you got a sneak peek at mmhmm’s new streaming feature.) Don’t worry—mmhmm will still work with Zoom, Google Meet, and other video platforms.

Find your presentations in the Library

With our latest update, you can save and find all of your mmhmm files right in the app Library— no more trying to remember where you saved that presentation on your computer. You’ll also be able to sync your files to the cloud in the near future.

Capture your hottest Takes

Misspoke? No problem. With Takes, you can record and re-record flubbed takes easily, optimizing your performance for each slide. 

Remix live and pre-recorded video

Show everyone the perfect version of your talk by choosing between a live presentation and a pre-recorded chunk. Sip your coffee off-screen, and stop playback when you need to respond to questions. It’s a revolution in the art of real-time video, and it’s only in mmhmm.

Copilot 2.0: Teleport yourselves

You asked for it, and we’ve developed it—Copilot 2.0 places two speakers in a single mmhmm stage. Teleport your chat companion onto the screen next to you for a new way to talk one-on-one, or join a partner on the virtual stage for a fireside chat you can broadcast to many. As ever, you both share control over what your audience sees. 

Share it on Loaf

One of our secret superpowers is knowing when to have a meeting and when to share a video instead. With mmhmm, it’s easy to make videos, but we wanted to make it just as delightful and intuitive to find the recordings you need. Introducing Loaf, a self-service home base for all of the video communications worth sharing. 

mmhmm for iOS

Keep us in your pocket. mmhmm for iOS will be a companion to the desktop version, as well as a standalone app with extra features for bringing you and a friend together in ways you’ve never seen before. 

Coming to a platform near you

We started as an app for Mac and opened our Windows beta to everyone, but in the coming weeks and months we’ll be joining you on your iOS devices, Android devices, and basically anywhere you’re making and sharing videos. 

Be the first to try Chunky

We believe in testing our product before we release it to the wider world, so we will be rolling out Chunky in beta first. If you want to be among the first to get your hands on these features as we release them, join the mmhmm beta for Mac or Windows

Everything we announced today will be rolling out every one or two weeks throughout the summer. Here’s what we released today:

  • mmhmm for Mac beta includes Presets to save your Room and Presenter settings for one or more slides, and the new Library for finding your mmhmm presentations quickly.
  • mmhmm for Windows beta lets you author text Slides with themes designed to look good with the Rooms you choose. We’ve also added Presets and the ability to create mp4 Recordings to make it easier to share your mmhmm presentations with anyone.

Test them out and let us know what you think.

Stay tuned with mmhmm Summer

To stay up-to-date on what’s new in mmhmm, join us for mmhmm Summer, our virtual event series.

In addition to demoing the latest and greatest features, we’re dropping free masterclasses on improving your video skills, sharing spotlights on community members who are doing innovative work with mmhmm, and giving away prizes to help you level up your video presence. No name tags, flights, or sad pasta salad at our event—hop on wherever you do summer (or winter, for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere).