Cancel your bad meetings and watch mmhmm TV instead

Ganda Suthivarakom

Oct 21, 2021

Live, synchronous meetings are precious resources; no one can ever get that time back. It’s tragic to finish a meeting and think, “Well, that was a waste of time.”

The best way to eradicate bad meetings is to preserve live time for the conversations that matter and replace all informational updates with recordings. To help you get informed at work, we built mmhmm TV, a hub for staying informed at work. (If you have an mmhmm account, join the beta at 

Think of mmhmm TV as a video streaming service built to empower out-of-office work. Staying up-to-date with your team should be as easy as catching up on your favorite TV shows. You can browse, discover, and recommend your coworkers’ videos in one place, so everyone at your company can watch what they need to, whenever they want to. 

Screenshot of imaginary S'waura TV with list of three videos that say All Hands, Swot analysis, and Fall Updates

Choose who you share your videos with

In addition to basic sharing, you now have the option of making confidential videos private so that only email invitees can view them. You can also share videos with members of your organization if you have an mmhmm Business account.

GIF of mmhmm TV directory

Browse your mmhmm videos in one place

In addition to all the videos you’ve made, you’ll also see any videos that have been shared directly with you, and videos shared to your business. We’ll be building out additional discovery features over the coming months. 

Get viewer feedback and analytics

Understand which videos have had the most impact with your audience with mmhmm TV analytics. The player shows you (and only you) how many people have viewed the videos you have made, as well as the comments and emoji reactions from your audience.

Coming soon

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be adding more features to help you discover the videos most important for your work, including easy-to-scroll browsing options, recommendations curated for you, deeper analytics to help you improve your video creation, and collaboration tools that help make video a part of your work conversation. 

How to join the mmhmm TV beta

Anyone with an mmhmm account can join the beta at We’d love your feedback to help us improve and iterate on the features that matter to you most. 

We hope you start saving your synchronous time (whether in-person, Zoom, or OOO) for good conversations. Let the great meeting cancellation begin!