Create insanely engaging webinars with mmhmm

Mary Pendleton

May 22, 2023

Webinars are a powerful tool for educating and engaging audiences. However, capturing and maintaining the attention of viewers can be challenging. Enter mmhmm, a video tool that revolutionizes the way webinars are presented. In this video, we explore how mmhmm helps you create engaging and polished webinars that leave a lasting impact on your audience.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a video learning session led by a teacher or trainer. It's a mashed-up word combining "web" and "seminar." They can be live or prerecorded. Hosts often screenshare slides and other visual aides to illustrate lessons. Webinars can be incredible tools for generating leads and nurturing existing customers.

How to host a webinar

Being a great webinar host means keeping your audience engaged and active. But distractions are always a click away. Traditional webinars, with a presenter confined to a small box in the corner, can quickly become monotonous and boring.

With mmhmm, presenters can showcase themselves alongside their content, transforming the webinar experience. By integrating visuals and dynamic presenter settings, mmhmm helps speakers hold their audience's attention. Viewers don’t have to choose between watching an engaging speaker or looking at compelling visuals.

Own the stage

To create a captivating webinar, it’s crucial to "own the stage" and avoid being just a head in a box. Reading bullet points from a small window can quickly put your audience to sleep. mmhmm allows you to position yourself front and center instead, making the human connection stronger.

With mmhmm, you can adjust your presence on the screen to complement the content you’re presenting. For example, placing  a text box alongside your face as a title slide helps set the tone for the webinar. For image-rich stories, making yourself slightly transparent, shrinking down, and moving to the side can let visuals take center stage. Enliven data visualization by shrinking yourself and flying around the screen to highlight key data points.

Make it about the audience

With mmhmm, your face can remain on-screen for the entirety of the webinar, which helps your audience know that you are focused on them. Keep the flow of the webinar seamless by staying on screen while you present high-quality content with actionable takeaways.

What customers say about using mmhmm for webinars

Customers tell us that mmhmm can help streamline webinar production. Executive coach Joe Kwon says that mmhmm allows him to create visually stunning videos that capture people's attention. These assets can then be used in live workshops, combining great ideas and content with incredible visual elements—a winning formula for engagement.

Art Stiefel, a customer who has conducted countless live and recorded webinars, says mmhmm has revolutionized his presentation approach. Instead of going to expensive studios, he uses mmhmm from his desktop computer to achieve high levels of professionalism and engagement with much less effort. mmhmm makes their webinars more visually appealing, helping both the presenter and the content shine.

Whether you're new to webinars or looking to improve your existing approach, mmhmm empowers you to captivate your audience and deliver impactful content.

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