Executive coach Joe Kwon reaches clients with virtual workshops made in mmhmm

Ganda Suthivarakom

May 10, 2023

Joe Kwon, a New Jersey-based executive coach, thinks deeply about how to make an impression on leadership. Kwon has been coaching executives for about four years, helping leaders from underrepresented backgrounds with professional development. And one of his big tips for making virtual presentations more impactful is to use mmhmm to enhance storytelling.

“People love it. People are like, ‘Oh my gosh,’ because it blows their minds. It's more than they've ever seen,” he said.

“It just shows how differentiating and impactful mmhmm is.”

Joe Kwon

Connection Counselor

But Kwon goes beyond just putting slides over his shoulder. He uses the virtual green screen to turn his layout into a TED Talk-style presentation, inserting himself into historical images and walking around as he advances his slides. “The main thing that I was so excited about when I started using mmhmm is not the novelty of it, but more the engagement that it creates without needing a programming skill or an AV team helping you do something.”

Before mmhmm, he had a harder time justifying to faraway clients that he would do a better job with a virtual workshop than another facilitator could do in-person. But with mmhmm, he’s been able to level-up his virtual workshop offerings, offering rich online courses that help him reach new clientele without having to build travel into his schedule. “Using mmhmm actually allows me to say that with a straight face and actually book engagements without physically being there.”

And Kwon enjoys being able to flex creatively with mmhmm’s tools. “It's almost infinite, the stuff you can come up with,” he said. “I can use mmhmm to present and do cool things with the background slides much more easily than I could if I was just trying to do PowerPoint.”

To support his business, Kwon set himself the formidable goal of delivering a video podcast, Diversity Bites, every weekday for a whole year. Though he has a separate full-time job, Kwon is able to deliver his video podcast on schedule by using mmhmm to help cut down on production time.

“Using mmhmm has actually helped me deliver my podcast much more easily than if I wasn't,” said Kwon. “I probably cut my time at least in half.”

With mmhmm, Kwon knows he’s leaving a lasting impression because of the feedback he gets after his events. Every time he does a Q&A, someone asks what he’s using to project his slides as his background. “People really enjoy it and they're like, ‘Wow, this guy must be spending like $1,000,000 on this software,’ he chuckled. “It just shows how differentiating and impactful mmhmm is.”

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