Power up your slides with the new mmhmm

Ganda Suthivarakom

May 4, 2023

This week we’re releasing a major improvement to mmhmm for Mac and Windows that addresses many of our most common feature requests, making it easier than ever to get your live and recorded videos looking just the way you want.

If you’ve already downloaded mmhmm, you should see these changes automatically when you open the app.

The new mmhmm expands the design possibilities for each slide, so you can share even more content over your shoulder. With simpler, more intuitive controls, you can spend less time figuring out features and more time impressing your audience.

Pop in to mmhmm to check out our major upgrades:

Find what you need easily

Lauren Aldredge changing backgrounds to pink, yellow, green

We’ve redesigned the interface in response to extensive user testing to make the simplest mmhmm experience. All of the controls are marked clearly and instantly accessible on a single Style panel, so you can change your look without having to look up how to do it. Minimize the panel when you don’t need it so you can focus on presenting.

Share better visuals

Lauren Aldredge adding Hello Suzie slide and waving hand slide in mmhmm

You can now share multiple visuals on the screen at the same time. Use images, GIFs, screen shares, text, and more to make your point. A new media library lets you quickly find commonly used visuals. Try putting a chart over one shoulder and a text card over the other for emphasis.

Give more powerful presentations

Lauren Aldredge sharing slides with waving hand and Hello Suzie slides, Our team slide, Tell Us About Yourself slide

Slides remember all of their visual, presenter, and background settings now, so you can set multiple scenes exactly as you want them and tell a smooth story without having to rearrange things on the fly.

Be ready to show answers to any question by jumping directly to the relevant slide, or use the drop down to access any of your saved presentations from the cloud. You can even be on video without a presentation using the Scratchpad, a workspace for ideas, notes, or any media you want to keep handy (like frequently used GIPHY reactions).

Browse many new backgrounds

Lauren Aldredge playing with different backgrounds with crystal ball, out of box, wet dog

A new background library lets you search or browse through hundreds of professional, functional, fun, and inspirational backgrounds. You can also upload your own background for a custom look that reflects your brand.

Try new activities

Activities in mmhmm app

Backgrounds aren’t just pretty pictures; they’re also settings for information. Choose from the activities category in the background library to gather multiple people for structured discussions. Share a YouTube video that your team can watch together, or post a decision graph that lets people vote by moving themselves on screen. We’ll be adding more activities in the coming weeks.

Make the move to mmhmm

If you’re using mmhmm Studio, this is a great time to try the new mmhmm for Mac or Windows. It now has almost everything you love about Studio, but with powerful new features and a simpler interface. Studio is still a great choice for creating and editing long-form recordings, but the new mmhmm desktop offers the best features for most uses—quick recordings, live presentations, and multi-person talks.

One note on switching between mmhmm and mmhmm Studio: the new mmhmm has a more versatile presentation format than mmhmm Studio because it lets you have multiple visuals and presenters on each slide. When you open a Studio presentation in mmhmm, it’ll automatically make a copy in the new format. For now, you can use mmhmm Studio presentations in mmhmm, but not the opposite.

Let us know what you think

If you haven’t downloaded mmhmm yet, you can download it for Mac or Windows here. And if you’ve got an idea for how we could make mmhmm work better for you, please let us know. Your feedback helps us make improvements for everyone.