Team video made easy

mmhmm is the easy-to-use web app for making, watching, and talking on videos together. Express yourself and share ideas in a collaborative, creative video space.

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Everything video for everywhere teams


Make great videos

Look great and be the center of your presentations. Get your point across with clear visuals. Fly solo or present as a team.

Watch flexibly

Share and discover videos. Work across timezones and schedules by watching whenever you want and at the best speed for you. Join a watch-party to experience videos with your favorite teammates.

Talk freely

Works with Zoom, MS Teams, or any other video conferencing system. Better yet, break out of the box and have powerful, immersive conversations directly in mmhmm.

Let's put our heads together

mmhmm is a free-form video space for all of your team’s best ideas. Have casual conversations, brainstorm together, and create easy recordings to keep everyone up-to-date.

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Works with other video tools

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