Gordon Plant of BaseKit helps his team close more sales deals with impressive demos in mmhmm

Ganda Suthivarakom

Mar 20, 2023

We say Gordon Plant’s name often at mmhmm.

Plant is Vice President of Product for BaseKit, a Bristol, England-based website-building software company. He was also mmhmm’s first ever paying customer. To honor him, we named our logo Gordon, which means his name gets thrown into conversation on an almost daily basis. Nearly three years after he began his subscription, Plant continues to enjoy mmhmm as much as we like saying his name.

“I use mmhmm for every call. Every call matters,” he said. And it’s just as fun for Plant to use mmhmm as it is for his audience to experience.

“It's not frivolous to enjoy the tools you work with,” Plant said.

During the time that Plant has been a customer, his demo calls and sales meetings have shifted mostly to video. He is now an mmhmm power user, elevating his video presence for external sales pitches and internal meetings.

“I use mmhmm for every call.”

Gordon Plant

Vice President of Product, BaseKit

Plant joins his sales team on calls where he uses mmhmm to seamlessly switch between live demos, video, and on-brand backgrounds—without skipping a beat. By pre-loading mmhmm with visuals that illustrate everything from his roadmap to his company’s template offerings, Plant is always ready to answer even complex technical questions with visual examples. His ability to answer questions in the moment helps his team look professional, credible, and prepared on any sales call.

“A well-pitched demo can make all the difference,” said Plant. “It’s given the rest of my team great confidence,” he said.

mmhmm also helps him stay connected with his audience without having to pause to switch to screen sharing or a deck. “The superpower mmhmm gives me is going with the flow. It's answering questions on the fly. I can show you an answer, not tell you an answer,” he said.  “I don't want those breaks in the conversation or flow, because it's those things that let people's attention drift.”

He has presented with mmhmm to an audience of hundreds at an online conference with confidence because, unlike other speakers, people could always see him, his slides, and his product without having to break the flow of the talk. (You can see his full set up in this video, Elgato Stream Deck + mmhmm for video superpowers.)

Plant puts effort into making his presentation materials, and he believes nothing can make up for a lack of compelling content. But once those basics are in place, how you present them begins to matter. “mmhmm is one way of trying to elevate yourself,” he said. “You can get from just basically getting through things to actually performing at a higher level.“

Gordon is the perfect name for mmhmm’s logo because Plant understands how we’re trying to transform communication for the workplace. “I think more people should use mmhmm because it lets you do the best possible job if your job is to present, communicate and, ultimately, persuade. I can't think of a better way of doing it.”

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