Try these professional backgrounds for your next Zoom, Meet, or other video call

Rosie Cogill

Aug 16, 2023

Whether you work in an office all the time, some of the time, or no time at all, we still spend much of our work day on video. The key to making your video presence consistently polished is a professional virtual background. When you use mmhmm’s presenter overlay with your video meetings, you can choose from a variety of professional backgrounds designed to complement your style, without having to upload anything to your video platform and without using a green screen.

Why you should use professional virtual backgrounds

Picking the right virtual background for a team meeting, a client call or an investor pitch is the video equivalent of selecting the right outfit for the day ahead at the office. The right Zoom meeting background can do more than just obscure the room you’re in; it can also inform the first impression you give at the start of any meeting. A professional background for Zoom, Meet, Teams, or any other video call platform should help you do these things:

Minimize distractions. Whether you’re working from a messy home office or dialing in from a coffee shop, using a background can project a sense of calm and professionalism so your audience can focus on your ideas—not on what’s happening behind you.

Build your personal brand. Your background can reflect your style and personality. Choosing a background that matches your brand’s signature colors can help your audience remember who you are.

Set the tone for your conversation. Think about what you want to achieve when choosing a background. Open with an airy, light design when you want to break the ice with new clients. Choose a dark background to keep the focus on your content.

Choose from hundreds of professional backgrounds in mmhmm

Here’s a small sample of some professional backgrounds you can use on your next video call with mmhmm. You can find all of these backgrounds and hundreds more in the mmhmm library. Some are still, and some have subtle movement to help breathe life into your video presence. Choose your favorites and set the scene with a few clicks. Best of all, they’re designed with presentations in mind, optimized to frame you and the content you show over your shoulder beautifully.

Office backgrounds

Board Room Screen

Person with long hair in board room with blank screen

Board Room

Person with long hair in board room

Coworking Space

Person with long hair in casual office

Modern Library

Person with long hair in modern library


Person with long hair in modern office

Small spaces


Person with long hair in Corner background


Person with long hair in white Wireframe background


Person with long hair in white bricks background

Morning Sun

Person with long hair in board room

White shelves

Person with long hair in white shelves room


Manhattan Reflection

Person with long hair against Manhattan background


Person with long hair in London room


Person with long hair in Tokyo room

Abu Dhabi Lights

Person with long hair in Abu Dhabi room


Person with long hair in Sydney room

Try these backgrounds for free

Download mmhmm to try one of these unique professional backgrounds for your next video call or recording. Or, launch mmhmm in your browser now to test out what you and your visuals could look like right now. Start looking more polished instantly, and if you have requests for backgrounds you’d like to see us create, send our customer support team a note at