Meet mmhmm for web: Built for the out-of-office work lifestyle

Ganda Suthivarakom

May 12, 2022

Whether you’re looking forward to seeing friends at the office or you’re taking calls from home in your sweatpants for the foreseeable future, a lot of your work probably happens on video these days. We’ve built the new mmhmm experience for every person—in- or out-of-office—who wants to get more done and improve collaboration.

Video isn’t just for people who love to shine on camera. We want to make video an everyday tool that’s accessible to everyone. Making a video should feel as effortless as sending a text message, as quick as a chat, and as human as a coffee break. We’ve created mmhmm to be the best tool for communicating in the modern workplace.

Today we’re unleashing video’s full potential with mmhmm for web, an all-in-one platform for making, watching, and talking on videos. Here’s what you can do with the new mmhmm.

Make great videos quickly

Gif of two people making a recording together in mmhmm

With mmhmm for web, we’ve made it easy for more than one person to be on screen with their content and record together. Look great and be the center of your presentations. Get your point across with clear visuals.

Watch flexibly

Gif of a video list in mmhmm wiht someone choosing a video to watch with man wearing glasses

Share and discover videos. Work across time zones and work schedules by watching whenever you want and at the best speed for you. Join a watch party to experience videos with your favorite teammates.

Talk freely

A group discussion with five people in bumper copters and hexagon room in mmhmm

Work with Zoom, MS Teams, or any other video conferencing system. Better yet, break out of the box and have powerful, engaging conversations directly in mmhmm.

Made for teams

mmhmm Business is now called mmhmm for Teams! mmhmm for Teams makes it easy to share knowledge at work. Tag videos to help colleagues discover your work. Join conversations happening across your business. Create a feed of videos to help your team build a repository of business knowledge.

Works in most browsers

Everyone you invite can launch mmhmm for web, whether they’re on Mac or Windows or using different browsers. Join the conversation from wherever you work. For more details, see our Help Center article on system requirements.

Launch mmhmm right in your browser and find out how easy it is to make and share your first recording. You’ll also find tutorials on how to get started, as well as videos to help you build a better out-of-office work lifestyle.

Not sure how to do something? Get help with a real human from our customer support team.

We're also hosting a webinar on Getting started with mmhmm for web LinkedIn Live on May 18th at 11am PDT. Registration is open and we hope you can join us.

We’re excited to see the creative ways you use mmhmm with others, and we hope you’ll share your videos with us.