Why we’re building tools for the out-of-office world

Ganda Suthivarakom

Nov 18, 2021

We’re going out-of-office forever. (We say OOO, rhymes with you.)

Out-of-office, to us, is not just a sad euphemism for being on vacation. It’s a work lifestyle that comes with the freedom of never having to commute, living where you want to, and creating a life that stops revolving around a physical office. 

mmhmm’s releases this season were designed with the out-of-office world in mind. Trust between employers and employees is the magical ingredient that makes the OOO lifestyle possible for everyone. Here, Phil Libin explains the OOO loop, a virtuous cycle that grows quality of life alongside quality of work.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll show how we are enabling the OOO work lifestyle for our employees. We’ll also share tips on how you can help your company build the OOO world we all deserve.