mmhmm for Windows now comes in Chunky

Ganda Suthivarakom

Feb 25, 2022

mmhmm for Windows 2.0 lands today, and the sky's the limit. We believe the work of the future should meet you wherever you are, and replacing meetings with asynchronous recordings will help us build the Out-of-office (OOO) world we all want to live in. We started testing features out in Mac, but over the past few months, we’ve built a strong Windows team in order to meet the needs of our many Windows users. Today, we’re thrilled to release the latest version of mmhmm for Windows. It’s light years ahead of other recording tools. 

Here’s what we’ve added:

Record the perfect talk using takes

mmhmm window showing multiple takes in dropdown

mmhmm Chunky offers a new way to record your presentation in chunks until you get it right. Save multiple takes for each slide (you can find them all in the Takes tab). Then, edit your presentation right in mmhmm, choosing the best takes for each slide, until you’ve made the perfect recording.

Share a link to a snackable recording

mmhmm window showing Publishing complete/Your presentation has been published

When you’re ready to share a recording, publish your customized presentation and share a lightweight link—your explanations (and your face) always travel with your slides.

Mix recordings with live discussion easily

mmhmm window showing how you can mix live and recorded slides

With Chunky, you can save time by pre-recording part of your presentation and jumping in live for discussions. Decide which slides you want to switch to live mode for and choose None from the Takes tab. Start your presentation in Playback mode. mmhmm will switch to live video automatically when you advance to those slides.

Make a scene 

mmhmm window showing how you can add a new scene

Scenes make it easy to give a group of slides the same design. Line up your content with the perfect room and arrangement for one or more slides before you begin your presentation. Then advance through your presentation without having to fuss with the size of your slide or where you are on screen. 

mmhmm for Windows 2.0 now available in 12 languages

In addition to our new recording features, we’re also making mmhmm for Windows available in 12 languages. (Here’s how to set your preferred language in the app.) 

If you haven’t tried mmhmm for Windows in a while, make sure to update to the latest version so you can try out the fresh recording features. We’ve got brand new tutorials to help walk you through how to get the most from mmhmm for Windows. Here's a quick preview of what you'll see.

Join us on March 9 at 11am PST for an mmhmm for Windows webinar! In this 30-minute session, our community team will help you get started with mmhmm so you can make your next presentation shine.

Thank you to everyone who tried the beta and sent us feedback—your help makes mmhmm even better. Get out there and have fun with your next presentation!