Introducing OOO, the mmhmm iOS app

Ganda Suthivarakom

Sep 29, 2021

We’re breaking out the sweaters, the gourds, and the umbrellas for a season of debuts. Here at mmhmm we’ve embraced a massive shift in how we work with distributed teams. We are building even more tools to enable more productive work and better, untethered living. Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing new features in mmhmm on Mac, Windows, and iOS for everyone to try. 

Our first release of the season is OOO, our new iOS app for video calls, helps you share a real-time experience with a friend who’s far away. Other video call apps make you choose between your face or what you’re looking at. With the OOO iOS app, you can film what’s in front of you and share your real-time reaction on the same screen, so you get to be in the middle of the action. OOO’s name comes from the acronym for “out of office.” Taking you out of the formal office grid is exactly what we want to do.*

OOO makes conversations feel less like a buttoned-up meeting in a conference room and more like the walk to the coffee shop you would take to hear about someone’s weekend. OOO captures the closeness of sharing your space with someone else, whether you’re in their kitchen or chatting while showing them the view from your seats at the rodeo. 

OOO was made for impromptu chats. No meeting “room,” no scheduling, no dress code. Take your chat wherever you are, whether you’re on vacation in another country or in your backyard. 

OOO places you in the middle of whatever you are looking at so you can share both what you’re looking at and how you feel about it. We love using OOO to bring someone along to an exciting event. You can shoot with your front camera and back camera simultaneously so your friend can see you right in the middle of the action.  (This feature is available for iPhone XS series XR and later, or iPad Pro, 3rd gen, and later.)

OOO lets you record your conversation so you can share it anywhere. Video or it didn’t happen. Conduct oral history interviews with grandma, or do a walkthrough of a potential apartment before you sign the lease from afar, then text the movie to everyone in the family so they can enjoy the view, too. 

OOO is currently available as a standalone app on iOS for iPhone and iPad. We will be developing OOO for other platforms soon, and adding features that will let you use OOO with the mmhmm desktop app in the coming months. Download OOO with a friend and let us know what you think!

*We had previously referred to this as Teleport when we introduced mmhmm 2.0 Chunky, but decided to go for another palindrome. Added bonus: We’re making up for the lack of vowels in mmhmm.