Get more done with the streamlined, powerful new mmhmm

Seth Hitchings

Aug 1, 2023

We’re excited to announce some major updates to mmhmm. From the beginning, our goal has been to improve the way people work on video by making it easier, less boring, and more productive. Along the way, we’ve worked to strike the right balance between power and simplicity.

After testing new features both privately and publicly, we’re excited to begin to roll out some major improvements to mmhmm.

A redesigned interface

Find everything you need at a glance. After extensive testing, we’ve redesigned mmhmm’s layout to make it even more intuitive. Change your look, add content, and do your presentation with minimal distractions.

You can also align your content to the grid. Images, screen shares, text, and video can snap to anchor points when you drag them around the screen.

mmhmm user interface with woman in blue shirt next to a gif of a one eyed creature multicolor

Expanded options for visuals

The screen is your canvas—show ’em what you got. Share multiple visuals on screen (including screen shares and a second camera) at the same time. Add your favorite images, text blocks, GIFs, and videos from the handy new media library.

We’ve also added more control over the look and feel of text blocks. Resize text, change font sizes, and lay everything out just the way you want it.

mmhmm screen with woman in circle frame next to a text block that says Hello! against pink, green, yellow background

Enhanced slide settings

Slides in mmhmm now remember all of the visual, presenter, and background settings you’ve chosen. Design your slides’ layout in advance so you can go through your presentation without having to fuss with the controls.

Once you have a presentation with all of the settings and designs you love, you can now copy and share it with colleagues.

Woman in blue against orange purple blue background and a screen share with July design updates written above

Tons of backgrounds

Browse through hundreds of professional, fun, and unique backgrounds to set the tone for your video. Or, show your real room as your background when you’re in the right place at the right time.

When you want to lead structured discussions, try a background from the activities category to watch videos as a group, post decision graphs, or vote on a topic.

Woman against yellow green pink background next to a modal that offers background options

Improved performance

We regularly push updates with bug fixes and enhancements to make the mmhmm experience faster and more reliable whether you’re on Mac, Windows, or trying us through a browser. We’ve also improved the quality of our chroma keying for green screens to help you look crisp and clear against your chosen background.

Our onboarding team can help

Whether you’re a solopreneur or you want to get a team trained up on mmhmm, our support specialists can hop on a video call to get you up and running quickly. Sign up with our onboarding team and we’ll walk you through the changes we’ve made. (Don’t worry, we won’t spam you or bug you to subscribe — we just want to help you look your best on video.)

Get started with the new mmhmm

If you haven’t taken a peek in a bit, or if you've been using Studio, check out the new mmhmm for Mac or Windows. We think its design improves on Studio while offering popular features such as backgrounds, custom scenes, an easy-to-access slide tray, and compatibility with Zoom and other video platforms.

If you’re loving mmhmm, just imagine what it could do for your team. Give presentations that keep you on screen with your content, or share a recording with your colleagues. We love using mmhmm to make our distributed team more productive every day; we think you will, too.