Download the new mmhmm, our most flexible app yet

Ganda Suthivarakom

Oct 18, 2022

We’ve been talking to hybrid employees to understand how mmhmm can improve your digital work life. What we’ve heard across the board is that people want to have fewer but better meetings. But any video tool they adopt should work with their workflow, whether that means operating between Zoom and Google Meet, giving robust presentations from any OS, or recording videos you can share and watch anytime.

So today we're excited to release the new mmhmm for Mac and Windows. We’ve streamlined the mmhmm experience to help you be persuasive and engaging on almost every type of video call, across different web browsers and with any kind of laptop.

With the new mmhmm for Mac or Windows, you can:

  • Connect to Zoom, Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, FaceTime, and many other video platforms
  • Create and drive your presentation from a simplified, intuitive interface
  • Edit saved presentations anywhere—jump from web browser to desktop app, Mac to Windows with ease
  • Record videos alone or be on screen with a colleague (or ten)
  • Share quick links to your videos from the cloud so your viewers can watch on their schedule

When you’re ready to prioritize the meetings that matter and replace the rest with recorded video, mmhmm for both desktop and web can help you make and share compelling, context-filled recordings in less time than it takes to write an email.

If you’re interested in our most powerful recording and editing tools, try mmhmm Studio (download the app directly here). Make high-quality, low-stress videos without fancy equipment or a learning curve. Edit slides and overdub mistakes after the recording is done. Design Scenes with a few clicks. Record Takes for small sections of your talk for flub-free, no-pressure performances.

We’re always adding features, so if you want something specific, make sure to let us know. Your feedback helps us constantly improve mmhmm (and we hope we help improve your work experience.)

Download mmhmm for Mac and Windows or mmhmm Studio and flex on your next video call or recording.