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Bye-bye, awkward screen shares

Meetings are bad enough without all those painful pauses. mmhmm makes it seamless to switch into and out of your content.

Own your space

Enhance your presence with dynamic layouts that match your content and personality.

Polish your look

Set yourself up for success with a stellar background, then create slides that place your content—and you—wherever works best.

Build your brand

Make a lasting impression. Give every video a memorable look and feel to highlight your unique brand, tone, and creativity.

Click record, cancel meeting

Connect and inspire with a beautifully recorded video your clients, students, or prospects can watch when they want. Watch an example mmhmm recording.

Do what a PDF can’t

Use video to personally deliver your message anywhere, anytime. Nurture client relationships, deliver updates, or build a following.

Make it pitch-perfect

Take the pressure out of presenting and edit out mistakes anytime to make your message shine. No learning curve or video team required.

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