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Wow your audience

Work has changed. Dull video meetings, disengaged teams, and scattered attention mean it’s harder to connect or make an impression.

mmhmm puts you in control so you can energize meetings, capture attention, and get your message across.

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Hold everyone’s attention

Bring life to video meetings, wherever they happen.

Break out of that tiny box

Bring your content on-screen with you and make a personal connection with your audience.

Be more persuasive

Decks alone are no substitute for your energy and personality. Present like you’re at the table.

mmhmm works with

and anything that supports a virtual camera

“You can have a presentation up and actually kind of touch the presentation. It's very different from just flipping through slides.”

Art Stiefel

Senior Director of Engagement Strategy at AbelsonTaylor

Own your space

Enhance your presence with dynamic layouts that match your content and personality.

Polish your look

Set yourself up for success with a stellar background, then create slides that place your content—and you—wherever works best.

Build your brand

Make a lasting impression. Give every video a memorable look and feel to highlight your unique brand, tone, and creativity.

Bye-bye, awkward screen shares

Meetings are bad enough without all those painful pauses. mmhmm makes it seamless to switch into and out of your content.

“Sessions with mmhmm are more engaging – and more fun. I can post an image as a prompt for discussion, use colorful backgrounds, or post a GIF in response to something someone says.”

Beth Collier

Communication consultant

Click record, cancel meeting

Connect and inspire with a beautifully recorded video your clients, students, or prospects can watch when they want. Watch an example mmhmm recording.

Do what a PDF can’t

Use video to personally deliver your message anywhere, anytime. Nurture client relationships, deliver updates, or build a following.

Make it pitch-perfect

Take the pressure out of presenting and edit out mistakes anytime to make your message shine. No learning curve or video team required.

“It's much more engaging content than it would be if I just recorded a meeting and said ‘Watch the one-hour Zoom meeting’.”

Steven Mih

CEO of Ahana

Why professionals choose mmhmm

Fewer meetings, better meetings

Rethink how your distributed team communicates and make recorded presentations part of your workflow with mmhmm. Free up expensive meeting time, respect everyone’s schedule, and keep everyone informed.

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Add mmhmm to your business toolkit to make an instant and lasting impression.

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