Welcome, Memix

Phil Libin

Oct 23, 2020

The first time I heard of Inigo Quilez was about six years ago from his Youtube video: The principles of painting with maths. I was enthralled. Both by the promise of making nerdy art without knowing how to draw and by the word “maths.”

Today we are thrilled to announce our first acquisition: a product called Memix, by Inigo and his cofounder Pol Jeremias-Vila. Memix makes video calls and live streams better through math-a-visual wizardry: filters, special effects, the ability to improve lighting, retouch your appearance, and more. You can see how it fits in nicely with mmhmm. We love this product.

Inigo and Pol are helping us incorporate Memix technology into many parts of mmhmm. We’re using it to improve everything from the appearance of the presenter and rooms to adding filters, reactions, lenses, and special effects. They’re also giving our upcoming Windows version a big boost.

We’re big believers in the central role procedural art will have in the world. It’ll improve the way we live, work, and play on video. You’re going to see it everywhere.

And some of the best will come from the newly expanded mmhmm team!

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