We won an award for Quartz’s Best Companies for Remote Workers!

Ganda Suthivarakom

Sep 7, 2022

Big news! We are one of Quartz’s Best Companies for Remote Workers 2022!

We’re proud of the acknowledgement, and we’re working hard to teach everyone about the power of what we call out-of-office work.

We build meaningful products people love, and one of those products is our workplace. Having a work environment people love means enabling people to live where they want to for competitive pay during the hours that work for them. The pandemic has proven that you don’t need to be in an office together in an expensive city to produce great results. Commuting is stressful for employees, tough on families, and bad for the environment—any claim otherwise is delusional.

Our commitment to remote work isn’t just altruism. In a world where bad managers rely on surveillance to measure so-called productivity, we believe in measuring results—not mouse jiggles. And we see that high-trust environments produce high-functioning teams. We think employees want to work at places where:

1. They believe in the goals of the company.

2. Their impact is understood.

3. They're trusted to make the day-to-day decisions on how to best get there.

"Companies at the vanguard of remote work helped show everyone else how to do it,” says Quartz executive editor Heather Landy. “Now we are seeing their best practices replicated across industries, at companies of all sizes. The companies on our ranking are putting their remote policies to use as a recruiting and retention play, as a tool for diversifying their talent pool, and as a performance strategy. Our second annual ranking honors businesses that have gone above and beyond in ensuring that their remote workers have the tools they need—from technology stipends to wellness perks—to do their jobs effectively."

Congratulations to every workplace that made the list. Thank you for leading by example and paving the way for other companies to join the workplace revolution.