Try these Halloween backgrounds to bring spooky season to your video calls

Ganda Suthivarakom

Oct 24, 2023

Whether you have a costume or not, you can haunt your next video call with these fun, free Halloween-themed backgrounds.

To change your background, go to the Style settings > Background > See all. Search for your background by name and click Apply. (To creep yourself up even more in grainy black and white, go to Style settings > Effect > Old film.) Happy Halloween!

Halloween Play

Person in white sweater closed eyes against orange clouds with black sky and ghosts diorama

The only good way to ghost a meeting.

Mighty Pumpkin

Person in orange sweater against orange background with pumpkin and zombies chasing children

Tell the finance team to stop scaring the new interns.

Spooky Path

Person against green background with trees and moon

If you see a headless horseman around here, tell him I’m working remotely today.

Sugar Skulls

Person smiling with glowing neon sugar skulls on either side.

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with these colorful skulls.

Haunted House

Person in front of haunted house and moon in dark background

You bought this old mansion for nothing when you learned you could work from anywhere. What could possibly go wrong?


Person against bobbing ghost background

Holey sheet!


Person in front of moon changing phases

The werewolf’s frenemy.

Mystic Autumn Forest

Person in front of misty forest

Um, a walk in the woods sounded nice this morning but can we go home now?

Crystal Ball

Person inside crystal ball against red curtains

Ah…mmhmm…I see fewer and better meetings in your future.


Person with glasses inside astronaut suit

No costume? No problem. Be a space traveler, no suit required.

Magic Hat

Person popping out of magic hat with wand waving

Instant rabbit costume: put two fingers behind your head and pop out of this background.