The spotlight’s on you with new circle frame backgrounds

Ganda Suthivarakom

Apr 8, 2024

Round ‘em up! We’ve redesigned the circle frame option in mmhmm to replace your background with a translucent wash in one of five colors, putting you in a clean, serene bubble. This helps you harmonize with your background and coordinate with your content so nothing distracts from you and your visuals.

Person with blond hair in purple circle against blue background with a wave behind them

To bring the effect full circle (ahem), you can put your presentation into three new backgrounds designed to spotlight you and your colleagues. Each background has variants to center one presenter, a pair of presenters, or host a group conversation with up to ten people. As always, these backgrounds are free and built right into the app.

Launch mmhmm to try these backgrounds on your next live or recorded video.


Make your presentations pop. Includes five style variants.

Two people in bubbles against light purple background with a marketing funnel image between them
Many people in bubbles against light purple and blue background
One person in a bubble with "Hi I'm Elijah!" in text next to them
One person in a bubble on the left with a "S'waura Product Update" slide to their right
One person in a bubble doing "okay" signs with their hands against light purple background with iridescent bubbles


Lots of hot spots. Includes four style variants.

One person in an orange dot with graphic chart labeled "Employee Satisfaction Levels"
One person in a dot with pinstripe background against black backdrop with colorful patterned dots
Many people in colorful patterned dots against black background
Many people in dots around the center of a text slide that says "Ice break"


Your project is in great shape. Includes four style variants.

Black and white image with person in circle next to text slide that says "Product update v2"
Many people in circles in black and white around a central text bubble that says "Hello!"
Two people in circles in black and white around geometric design, center says "Today's agenda Budget Review and approval"
Slide that says "Priorities Q3" with two people in black and white circle frames on the right side