The mmhmm Summer contests and giveaways

Mary Pendleton

May 20, 2021

mmhmm Summer is our birthday celebration, but we’re giving the presents to you! We’ve rounded up prizes to help you level up your video presence and to thank you for taking part in our virtual event series. 

Here’s how to enter:

Daily giveaways

Register for mmhmm Summer updates and you’ll have a chance to win daily prizes from home-office pros, including Cisco, Logitech, Sonos, Neolab, Backjoy, and more. We’ll be picking a random winner from the event registration list each day, so sign up early. The first drawing happens on May 27. (Here are the mmhmm Summer Email Contest rules.)

The #mmhmmsummer tweet of the week

Follow @mmhmmapp on Twitter, where we’ll be announcing prizes each week for the best tweets during the event. Winners have a chance to receive a free month of mmhmm Premium as well as prizes we’ll announce soon. To enter, just tweet about our event with the tags #mmhmmsummer and @mmhmmapp. We'll announce a new winner every Friday during our event. (Here are the mmhmm Summer Tweet of the Week Contest rules.)

Enter the mmhmm Summer challenges

We're putting a call out for your best mmhmm videos. Grand prize winners will receive prizes like a recording kit from Elgato, a Sonos Move speaker, and more. Here are the full Five Slide Challenge rules.

Check out the winners from our 5-Slide Challenges here!

This gift’s on us

And remember, everyone can win a fun sticker pack after signing up for the mmhmm Summer event mailing list, while supplies last.

We’ll update this article regularly with additional contest details, more prizes, and the names of our winners. Good luck!

And the winner is...

Confirmed winners from our daily email drawing:

  • Stephen F, BC Canada (Yeti Mic)
  • Tara B, Lake Stevens WA (Logitech Camera)
  • Viking K, Indonesia (Logitech Camera)
  • Andrew S, Jamesville, NY (Yeti Mic)
  • Mario F, San Jose, CA (Neo Smartpen)
  • Rob B, Claremont, CA (Spotlight Clicker)
  • Andrew S, Scottsdale, AZ (Yeti Mic)
  • Francis A, Kennebunk, ME (Neo Smartpen)
  • Matt Y, Oakland, CA (Spotlight Clicker)
  • Dr. G, Israel, (Yeti Mic)
  • Robin Y, Ontario, Canada (Logitech Camera)
  • Dan P, BC Canada (Neo Smartpen)
  • Joseph V, Caremont, CA (Spotlight Clicker)
  • Bob K, NSW, Australia (Yeti Mic)
  • Moises C, Lima Peru (Logitech Camera)
  • Joanne D, Potomac, MD (Spotlight Clicker)
  • Tabatha D. Converse, TX (Yeti Mic)
  • Martin B, Nailsbourne, UK (Logitech Camera)
  • Martin B, Edinburgh, UK (Spotlight Clicker)
  • Ryan R, San Diego, CA (Yeti Mic)
  • Noelia S, Avila, Spain (Neo Smartpen)
  • Sanjay S, Menlo Park (Logitech Camera)
  • John S, Finland (Spotlight Clicker)
  • Tim O, Hertfordshire, UK (Neo Smartpen)
  • Linda L, Thornton, CO (Spotlight Clicker)
  • Alejandro R, Anasco, PR (Yeti Mic)
  • Danny H, Phoenix, AZ (Logitech Camera)
  • Indra B, Spain (Spotlight Clicker)
  • ... and more!

Tweet of the week winners: