Announcing the 5-Slide Challenge contest winners!

Mary Pendleton

Jul 13, 2021

Thanks to the dozens of people who submitted 5-Slide Challenge videos! Our panel of judges was thoroughly entertained and even learned a thing or two. Spanning topics like dim-sum, Bob Dylan, the Stanley Cup, wetsuits, and vocal warm-ups, our community is vibrant, diverse, and GREAT at presenting!

We couldn't pick just one winner, so we selected multiple entrants to win prizes each round. See the full contest rules here.

Round one winners:

Here are the winning videos:

Steven Lai

Steven tells a heart-warming story about his son at the beach that really uses mmhmm to its fullest. As one of our judges said, “This is story-telling at its finest.”

Joshua SethJoshua SethJoshua Seth

Joshua shares a vocal warm-up routine that's both educational and entertaining. According to one of our judges, “This sound advice is a must-watch for all mmhmm enthusiasts.”

Roselyn Chin

We loved Roselyn's clever use of mmhmm with puppets! It left us hungry for more.

Round 2 Winners:

Laura Kriska

We loved Laura's use of old photos and video to add visuals to her story!

Jim Van Wyck

Jim's passion for meditation shines through.

Larry Weaver

Larry has mastered mmhmm effects and slide presets!

Sudarshan Mahajan

Sudarshan's pandemic playspaces touched our hearts.

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