Share something on the internet, live

Ganda Suthivarakom

Nov 3, 2020

Any presentation format is fine for sharing pictures and videos that were made in the past. But sometimes you need to live in the present and add your commentary to content that’s accessible on the internet right now. 

With mmhmm, you can make a live or recorded presentation featuring anything you can run in a desktop window—a work-in-progress website, YouTube, even a livestream of the news. You can be a virtual tour guide for any live site.

This feature is helpful for all kinds of scenarios, whether you’re a teacher offering feedback on some homework...

Person standing in front of a white board with math on it.

...A designer sharing website updates...

A man standing in front of mobile screenshots

...Or you just want to narrate some live birdfeeder-cam action.

Person in a circle next to a picture of a birdfeeder

To add a screen share to your mmhmm presentation, go to Slides > Add Screen Share, and choose the window you want to share. As usual, you can also hide or minimize yourself if you want your audience to pay full attention to what’s on-screen. 

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