Rooms to try this week: On air with mmhmm

Ganda Suthivarakom

Aug 18, 2021

Quiet on the set! You’re on the air with mmhmm, and now you can share your closed studio vibes with our new On Air room. Here’s a small sample of the assortment of fun backgrounds we’re adding this week. (Because sometimes your presentation just needs a sushi conveyor belt. We know—we can’t believe it took us this long to add this room, either.)

To see all of the new room options we’re offering, go to the Rooms tab, click on ‘+ More Rooms…’ at the top and then ‘New’ on the left, and add these to your list.

Balloon Release

Woman in pink sweater and glasses smiling in front of green, white, pink balloons rising

Let them go! Let them goooo! Credit: RocknRoller Studios

Tiger Tails

Woman with curly hair in front of pink background with cartoon tigers with wagging tails

What do you call a tiger stan? A fang-girl. Credit: Angelina Bambina and Peter Kemme

Sushi Go Round

Woman smiling in front of conveyor belt with sushi dishes

Leggo my tamago. Credit: Satoshi Kikyo, Bonnie Kate Wolf, and Peter Kemme

On Air

Man smiling in front of ON AIR flashing sign

Live in front of a studio audience. Credit: fergregory and Peter Kemme