Rooms to try this week: Color gradients

Ganda Suthivarakom

Aug 31, 2021

This week we're adding some psychedelic, color-shifting gradient palettes to the room catalog. From pastels to warm tones, fans of matching fit to background should have a field day.

To see all of the new room options we’re offering, go to the Rooms tab, click on ‘+ More Rooms…’ at the top, and add these to your list.

Aquamarine Hex

Man in front of mixed green and blue hexagonal pattern

Adrift between blue and green. Credit: Peter Kemme

Kaleidoscope Blur

Man in front of pastel peach, pink, and blue background

Trip the light fantastic. Credit: Peter Kemme

Parallel Purple

Woman in yellow shirt in front of purple triangle background.

Fruit punch in frosted glass. Credit: Peter Kemme