Rooms to try this week: Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year cheer

Ganda Suthivarakom

Dec 9, 2021

We've added a bevy of new rooms for Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year's Day so you can celebrate with your colleagues around the world. (And if you’re looking to share some cozy winter vibes with a few friends, try the Cabin room in OOO for web.)

To see all of the new room options we’re offering, go to the Rooms tab, click on ‘+ More Rooms…’ at the top and then ‘New’ on the left, and add these to your list.


Christmas Unboxing

woman with dark hair and a black and white shirt popping out of a red gift box

Your presence is the best present. Credit: By bokmok and Dala Botha

Under the Mistletoe

Man in white shirt standing in front of slightly swaying winter themed boughs and berries

Take a bough. Credit: titami29 and Dala Botha and Peter Kemme

Snow Globe

Woman centered in a snow globe on a Christmas themed background with brown hair and a mustard shirt

You're all shook up. Credit: iatsun and Dala Botha and Peter Kemme



Man smiling in front of Kwanzaa themed animation with African continent, fruits and vegetables, and a kinara with candles

This Swahili word stands for crops that represent collective harvest and work. Credit: OlgaSpb and Dala Botha and Peter Kemme

Lit Kinara

Woman with curly hair in front of a beige background with kinara lit to her left side

The Kwanzaa glow. Credit: Guuver and Dala Botha and Peter Kemme

New Year

Budapest Fireworks

Woman standing in front of fireworks over the Danube river in Budapest

Lit sky at night, Danube's delight. Credit: bank508 and magraphics

Auld Lang Syne

Woman with dark hair bob standing in front of sparkling champagne flutes and fireworks animation

Pop! Clink, clink. Credit: Dala Botha and Peter Kemme