Q1 Product Recap: Add more polish to your videos with less effort

David Perez

Apr 11, 2024

Video should help you explain yourself more clearly and make a lasting impression — without becoming a time sink. That’s why last quarter we focused on updates that make it easier than ever for you to record and refine your content. It’s all part of our larger effort to constantly improve mmhmm.

mmhmm user interface with updated features labeled. Labeled features include Chapters, Split & Merge, Visuals, Sidebar, Automatic chromakey adjustment, and Mini remote for Windows

Here’s a breakdown of our most recent updates:

  1. Chapters: As you record, mmhmm automatically organizes your video into sections in the video editor. This makes your video easier to edit and lets you record over multiple sessions.
  2. Split & Merge: Easily split a chapter into two or merge multiple chapters into one, directly from the video editor.
  3. Visuals: Crop and precisely align any image on the mmhmm stage using the new alignment guides.
  4. Sidebar: The sidebar now surfaces the most relevant controls based on what you select on the mmhmm stage.
  5. Automatic Chromakey Adjustment: The camera menu now includes an option to automatically optimize your settings for green screen use.
  6. Mini Remote for Windows: Get a small moveable remote that lets you control your presentations. Click Window from the top menu and choose Show Mini Remote.

Chapters: Create videos in easy-to-manage sections

Person in mmhmm user interface above chapter editing options

In January, we introduced chapters, a new way to automatically organize your recordings. As you record, mmhmm now divides your video into segments. This allows you to create videos one section at a time, so you don’t have to feel like you need to get everything perfect all at once.

Every time you change slides while recording, mmhmm creates a new chapter. After you record a chapter, you can pause, take a breath, and either make edits, re-record, or keep going into the next chapter. You can also create new chapters at will — great if you’re spending a lot of time on a single slide.

If you flub a line, no problem. Just stop recording, delete the current chapter, and re-record. You’ll keep any previously recorded chapters, so you only need to redo one line, not the whole video.

If you want to record a video over multiple sessions, press Stop and mmhmm saves your progress. You can then close mmhmm and continue recording later.

Person in mmhmm user interface pointing to a graph with trimming options below

When you’re ready to edit your video, you can trim, delete, and reorder your chapters in the video editor window. And you can do this at any point, whether that’s immediately after you’ve recorded a video or long after it’s published.

Split & Merge: Edit with more flexibility

Three people in mmhmm user interface above truncated text about caring for plants. Split editing options below.

Awkward transitions, dead space, or speech cut off mid-sentence can distract viewers from your message. Now you can easily remove these attention-stealing moments by splitting and merging your chapters from the video editor window.

Split lets you divide any chapter in two. You can then trim the ends of each chapter. This lets you give your chapters a clean, natural beginning and end that helps your audience stay focused.

If there’s a problem in the middle of the chapter — like too much silence or content you don’t need — remove the unwanted section by splitting before and after the problem area and deleting what you don’t need. Splitting is also great if you want to insert something new in the middle of an existing chapter.

Mock app content about plant care in the mmhmm user interface. Merge editing option below.

Merge lets you combine multiple chapters into one. This makes it easy to group your video into a few logical sections, so your audience can quickly scan the contents and navigate to the information they need most.

For more details on recording, check out our help center article, Record and share video.

Visuals: Precisely crop and align your slide content

Person holding a paintbrush in mmhmm user interface with cropping tools active beside a bulleted list titled "Tools." List items read, "Easel, Brushes, Canvas, Palette, Turpentine."

When you’re sharing an image or a browser window, unwanted content like title bars, ads, or distracting user interface elements can get in the way, or take up valuable space. But now you can crop the images, videos, and screenshares you add to your slides. This lets you resize them to fit perfectly in your layout or remove any pesky bits that detract from your presentation.

Person in mmhmm user interface between images of a space station and an astronaut. Alignment guides in red show that the images are aligned.

When it comes to slide content, even small misalignments can stand out. This is especially true when you format two slides almost exactly the same way, but not quite. When you switch between these slides, the sudden shift can be jarring.

With our new alignment guides, lining up your content just right is a snap. Items will now automatically align as you drag.

And when using the silhouette or rectangle frame style, you can also crop your video frame. This comes in handy when you want more precise control over how you appear with your content, or if your green screen edges don’t quite fit your frame. To learn more about making your slides look just right, visit our help center article, Adjust your appearance.

Sidebar: Get quick access to the most relevant controls

Person in mmhmm user interface wearing sunglasses beside a text box reading "Sharing my summer vacation." Cursor points to slide editing options in the sidebar.

We’ve made it easier to edit the media in your slides. Now, mmhmm intuitively displays the most relevant options in the sidebar based on the item you select — no more need to open the settings menu multiple times when you're trying out different looks.

When you choose a text box, the sidebar shows text theme, color, size, and style options at the top. Clicking on an image or GIPHY brings up the layout and cropping controls for quick adjustments. Selecting a video reveals loop, autoplay, mute, and volume options for easy customization.

For more information on adding and editing slide media, visit our help center article, Add slides and media content.

Small but mighty improvements

Automatic chromakey adjustment when using a green screen

Person in mmhmm user interface beside Camera adjustment settings. A cursor points to the "Threshold" controls. The following options are checked: FaceTime HD Camera, Mirror video, and I have a greenscreen

Green screens can give you better image quality and more control over how you look on video. And with the new auto-adjustment mode in the camera menu, mmhmm can make automatic adjustments to dial in your green screen settings just right.

To turn on auto-adjustment mode, click the Camera settings drop-down menu, select I have a greenscreen, and mmhmm will take it from there. To learn more about using a green screen with mmhmm, visit our help center article, Green screen best practices.

Access mini remote on Windows

Presenter in the mmhmm user interface on a call with other individuals. The mmhmm mini remote floats above the presentation window, showing the current slide and the next slide in the presentation.

Stay connected with your audience when presenting on Windows. The mini remote is a discreet moveable window that lets you control your mmhmm presentation without the distraction of switching between apps on call. And until now, it was only available on Mac.

Overlay the mini remote on top of your Zoom, Meet, Teams, or Webex window to advance your presentation without breaking eye contact with your camera or missing your audience’s reactions.

To open the mini remote, click Window from the top menu and select Show Mini Remote. Learn more about using the mini remote in our Mini remote overview.

Cursor pointing to the option "Show Mini Remote" in the "Window" menu.

We’re excited for all the ways our latest updates will help you look great and explain yourself better on video — with less time and effort. And this is just the beginning. We’re always thinking of ways to help you bring the power of video into your daily life.

Have an idea for a way to make mmhmm even better? We want to hear it. Submit a feature request through our help center.