New in mmhmm for Mac 1.4: Tutorials

Ganda Suthivarakom

Apr 5, 2021

It’s been a whirlwind year, so with the release of mmhmm for Mac 1.4, we want to take a moment to reintroduce ourselves. Since last summer’s launch, we’ve worked hard to build out the fun features we knew you needed to be better on video. There’s so much you can do in mmhmm now (on Windows, too!) that we wanted to give you a tour/tutorial of mmhmm’s best features.

Tutorials screenshot from mmhmm app

To check out all of our tutorials, you can click on the Learn icon at the top of the mmhmm app to follow along with our Director of Community Andrew Owen, our Customer Support Lead Lauren Aldredge, and our CEO and co-founder Phil Libin. We promise that anything they can do, you can do better. You can also see all of our video tutorials in the Help Center or on our YouTube channel. (Watch Phil’s advice on using a green screen and wait for the ending. You should also check out Lauren’s boss jewelry and glasses game.)

In addition to our tour-torials, we’ve added a few key enhancements with the 1.4 release. Aside from squashing bugs and improving performance, we’ve added the ability to log in to multiple accounts. If you’ve got an account through mmhmm Business that you want to keep separate from the one you use for your vlog, now you can. 

Hop on and let us show you what we’ve done with the place.  

Welcome to mmhmm!

We wrote instructions. We’d love for you to use them.

Meet the interface

House tour.

Connect to Zoom and others

Open mmhmm. Start video. Have more fun.

Get a room

We’ve got hundreds.

Work with slides

Create text slides, GIPHY slides, or import your deck.

Using your real background

Show off your bookshelf

Using a green screen

You don’t need one, but you can do extra fun things with one.

Presenter effects and controls

Frame yourself, go transparent, and make it rain.

Create scenes

How to make sticky settings for individual slides.

Publishing and sharing a recording

Share your presentation and skip the meeting.

How we make money

The product is the product—not you. 

If you want to return to these videos right in the app, click the Learn button at the top of the mmhmm window. They’re interactive recordings, so you can skip around at your own pace. 

Want a video explainer for something else? Send a note to We want to see how many different pairs of glasses we can get Lauren to wear.