Introducing mmhmm Business: Professional video presence for the whole team 

Ganda Suthivarakom

Apr 1, 2021

Every business is in the video business now, and over the past nine months, we’ve helped a lot of companies look more professional in their online meetings—all while having a lot more fun. That’s why we’ve created mmhmm Business, a new way to bundle multiple accounts for organizations ready to be on brand on video. 

Get mmhmm Business

All of our meetings happen over video these days, and mmhmm can help every employee—from associates to the C-suite—polish their video presence. Do more of your business on video than you ever thought possible, with tools to pre-produce executive presentations, the ability to unify your brand identity with custom backgrounds, and organizational account management to secure the work your company produces. 

We’re already working with Cisco, Boston University, Sequoia, Axel Springer Porsche APX, Shine Bootcamp, and more to help their organizations level up on video—and we want to help you too. 

Pro-level presentations for all

Help everyone who works with you look more polished on video, whether they’re a junior sales person or the CEO (which one needs more help?). You put a lot of thought into how you communicate your brand identity, from your logo to your office color schemes. Mmhmm can help extend your branding onto your company’s video presence. 

Simple and fair pricing

We’re confident your team will love mmhmm, and we only want you to pay for the people who use it. Whether you choose an annual subscription or a monthly one, you’ll only pay for active users. This way, you can invite everyone in your company to mmhmm and if anyone doesn’t actually use it, you won’t pay for them. See our subscription pricing.

Easy account controls

You can manage all of your company’s mmhmm accounts under one umbrella. Invite people via link, claim an email domain for easy account management, and get one-stop billing for your whole business.

Creative Services

We have a dedicated Creative Services team to help you learn mmhmm, train your employees how to be effective on video, run your virtual events, and create on-brand templates and rooms. When you look good, we look we’re gonna make you look great.

Future features incoming

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be adding some tools to make mmhmm Business more epic. Look for big jumps in collaboration, analytics, personalization, and productivity features soon!

April Truth Day

Yes, we know this announcement is coming out on April 1st. Honestly, we’re tired of companies doing ridiculous April Fools’ Day gags. Grow up, people. We’re starting a new tradition: Every April 1st we’ll announce real and important things, seriously.

P.S. We’ve opened our Windows beta to anyone who wants to help us road test mmhmm. Get your whole posse signed up with mmhmm Business today.