mmhmm Windows beta has arrived! Here’s how to sign up

Ganda Suthivarakom

Dec 21, 2020

Big news: the private mmhmm for Windows beta has arrived! 

Mmhmm for Windows works with Microsoft Teams and your favorite video platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet, and more. This early version of mmhmm for Windows offers lots of virtual backgrounds and allows you to resize yourself, move around the screen, and add slides next to you. We’ll be running the Windows beta for about three months, frequently adding features and fixing bugs until we’re ready to fully launch in the spring. 

Building native Windows software is different from developing for the Mac in the sheer number of hardware, software, device, and driver permutations that we have to test and support. Because of this, we’ll be running the Windows beta a little differently—we’ll ask our beta testers to fill out a questionnaire about their configurations and intended use cases, and every week we’ll send out enough beta invites to make sure that we have a statistically significant sample of new and existing users to cover the various combinations. We know it’s frustrating to have to wait longer, but we’re optimizing this test to make sure we can ship a high quality product as quickly as possible.

If you’ve already signed up to test our Windows version, you should receive an email asking for a couple of details about your setup so that we can put the right test panels together. If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late to sign up here.

Thanks again to all the people who have signed up to test mmhmm for Windows! You’re an indispensable part of our extended team.