mmhmm for Mac 1.1: A room of your own

Ganda Suthivarakom

Dec 21, 2020

The latest update to mmhmm for Mac is hot off the press! We’ve got some exciting new features—some you’ve been asking for, as well as some holiday gifts we think you’ll have fun with:

Real room

Many of you have asked to be able to show your real background on camera. (Clearly, you have stronger decorating and decluttering skills than we do.) Now you can use your actual background on camera while showing your slides, video, or images. Your real room not *quite* enough? Enhance it with some magic.  

Phil Libin explains the "Real room" feature in mmhmm

Don’t worry, the rest of you can still choose from dozens of unique virtual backgrounds, with or without a green screen.

See the full Real room video on YouTube.

Big Hands

This feature lets you communicate visually over video using gestures, which is a fancy way of saying that it turns your hand signs into giant emojis. Give thanks, show your love, take an informal poll, and get thumbs up or thumbs down responses—all while everyone’s on mute. This feature was previously exclusively available on Apple M1-powered Macs, but we’ve expanded and retooled it, and now it’s available on any Mac running macOS Big Sur. Thumbs up!

Animated GIF of people using hand gestures to show response

Watch the full Big Hands video on YouTube.

Effects and Theme Rooms

Look better (or funnier, or rainy-er, or old-timey-er, etc.). We added eight new effects. Now you can pixelate if you’re in witness protection, get ready for your black-and-white close-up, make it rain, and more.

Plus, we’ve added rooms with a little extra wizardry that puts your face in a boombox or behind a podium at your own impromptu press conference, and more. Check out the “theme rooms” section of the Room Catalog. 

Watch the full Theme rooms and effects video on YouTube.

To make sure you get this version, click “Check for updates” in the mmhmm menu. Enjoy our end-of-year gift!