Available now: mmhmm 2.1 for Mac revolutionizes recording

Ganda Suthivarakom

Oct 7, 2021

We’re making a prediction.

We think 2022 will be the year recordings start to overtake meetings as the preferred way to communicate among teams who do out-of-office work. Today we’re releasing mmhmm 2.1 Chunky for Mac, giving distributed teams the power to share the best versions of themselves over video. 

Whether you want to make training materials for teammates, or you pitch regularly to multiple external clients, mmhmm 2.1 makes it easy to create, edit, and share customized video presentations for any audience.  

Your real room, really

GIF showing woman next to slide that says "Take a tour," then a second woman, then a man.

When you’re working from somewhere great, whether you’re poolside or in front of your curated bookshelf, show it off. We’ve made it even easier to use your real-life background so you can present in front of anything, with or without a green screen. Show your slides, add effects, and do everything you love in mmhmm layered over your real background. We’ve also added a new slide appearance called “Billboard” which looks particularly good projected over your real background in either over-the-shoulder or in full-screen mode. 

Record and edit easily 

GIF of person looking at takes in mmhmm interface

With mmhmm 2.1 Chunky for Mac, recording and editing your presentation has never been easier or faster. mmhmm 2.1 takes the pressure off of needing to practice and time a speech with slides. Instead, record your talk in small “chunks,” saving multiple takes until you’ve perfected it. Then edit slides, backgrounds, and effects afterward to tailor the video recording to your audience. 

Publish and share customized edits

Publish button on mmhmm interface, creating link

With mmhmm 2.1, you can now share videos with friends and teammates as mmhmm recordings with the new Publish button on the mode bar. Customize your presentations for different audiences by revising your talk or slide content and republishing new versions instantly. With mmhmm recordings, you can even change content and republish without having to send out all new versions or links. The mmhmm player gives your audience total control, with chapters for hopping around your presentation and a choice of six playback speeds. 

Remix recorded and live video

GIF of mmhmm interface adding presenter-only slide

If you give presentations or pitches to different live audiences, save time by recording the best version of your talk once and sharing the recording on Zoom or another video call platform. Switch between live and recorded video easily in Playback mode. Wherever you want to invite live discussion to your presentation, add slides for live video (or open any slide and choose Live video from the Takes tab). Set the perfect cadence for discussion by mixing live and recorded slides as many times as you want to. 

Join us Out of Office

To get the newest version, select Check for Updates in the mmhmm menu. Check out the tutorial library from the Learn icon at the top of the app for new videos on how to make the most of these new features.

We’re excited for mmhmm 2.1 to power more out-of-office work. As always, thank you to the adventurers willing to poke and prod the beta. Your feedback helped us get here, and we’re grateful for all of your eagle-eyed contributions. We’ll be releasing more products out of beta geared toward out-of-office work this season, so keep sending your feedback to