How Larry Kay co-created the Dog Hugs video show with mmhmm

Andrew Owen

May 18, 2021

The award-winning author of Training the Best Dog Ever, Larry Kay, went all-in with video in 2020. Broadcasting live to his 2 million followers on Facebook, Larry and a few friends, including his rescue dog Spider, created the daily show "Dog Hugs" in a format he calls a "video podcast." "I knew people needed something like this, that people were in lockdown and needed some healthy escape. That was the give-back piece in addition to the 'What's in it for me?' piece."

For more than 100 episodes, Larry and his co-host Geralyn Cada invited experts from all over the world to talk training techniques, pet etiquette, fun facts, and all things canine. With Geralyn in Kansas City and Larry in Los Angeles, they used mmhmm virtual backgrounds, slides, and presenter effects to turn their distributed operation into a full-fledged show—now with sponsors!

Congratulations Larry, Geralyn, and Spider! Watch their winning Pandemic Project video below.