Improve your pitch deck by creating your next sales presentation in mmhmm

Michael Perekupka

Feb 15, 2022

As a member of the sales team at mmhmm, I have gained a keen appreciation of how important it is to be memorable. At this point, I think everyone would agree that traditional slide decks are boring, and I don’t want to become just another deck. 

Making a sales deck in mmhmm lets me stand out instantly. Within minutes of hopping on a call—even before introducing myself most times—the prospect is engaged, smiling, and most importantly, curious about what’s coming next. And the reason for it is simple: mmhmm presentations are different.

With mmhmm I become part of my pitch instead of being a talking head in a box alongside it. I can seamlessly transition from informing to demonstrating; I can leverage the power of blending pre-recorded content with live discussion; and, when I’m finished, I have an interactive leave-behind that lets me continue to stand out. It’s like magic.

Follow these steps to make a killer sales deck in mmhmm.

Upload your slides

GIF of new slide being created in a sales presentation in mmhmm

You can create slides in mmhmm, with images, videos, GIFs, or simple text. 

Gif of sales presentation being dragged and dropped into mmhmm slide tray

If you already have a deck you use regularly, you can import it from PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF. (You can read more on how to import decks in our Help Center.)

Design your placement for each slide

Person inside a slide that says User Adoption Metrics

Find the perfect spot for yourself on each slide. That could be placing simple text slides over the shoulder, hiding yourself completely when showing a chart, or even moving yourself around the screen to draw attention to different spots.

Use scenes to bring visual magic to your presentation

When you want to switch from sharing text with simple slides above your shoulder to an immersive product demonstration where you're strategically positioned in the corner out of the way, you can use scenes to set things up ahead of your presentation. Scenes give a group of slides the same design settings, including the presenter location, size, and opacity; the slide size and design; the room and the special effects. Then, when you’re ready to present, you can advance through your slides knowing that everything is exactly where you want it to be.

Blend live and recorded content

Two images of the same person on a slide that says "What is your favorite thing about mmhmm?"

Pre-record your perfect talk track before your meeting. Then, when you’re ready to open the floor to discussion, switch to live speaker mode so you can be present for any questions from your customers. It’s a neat trick that brings surprise and delight to a call.

Send an interactive recording as a leave-behind

Person with glasses next to a slide that says "Quick Recap" in an mmhmm recording

An interactive recording includes bookmarks to all of the major topics from your call. Your prospect can view the whole thing, or jump to the part that is most important to them. TIP: Use the description to link to any documents or other content you’d like your prospect to view.

Need more help? We're here for you

If you need personalized advice on how to get the most from mmhmm, our customer support team is ready to help answer any questions. Just submit a request and a real person will get back to you.