How to make a recruiting video in mmhmm

Ganda Suthivarakom

Mar 23, 2022

The labor market is hotter than ever, with Bloomberg reporting a shortage of 4.6 million workers—the most since World War II. Employers need to be able to stand out to the most desirable candidates. That’s where a recruiting video comes in.

A well-done recruiting video can be an introduction to how people at a company work together before an interview even gets on the books. With a few slides, a company can share the company’s product and values, a sense of company culture, and an overview of the employee benefits.

Christie Bracuti, recruiter for mmhmm, says that in addition to talking generally about what the company does, it’s important to convey how the business plans to grow: “Candidates want to see how they can grow with a company. ‘What can my career do here if I join the organization?’”

In addition to giving candidates better insight into a workplace, these videos can help recruiters save time, too. Instead of repeating an elevator pitch at the beginning of every call, a recruiter could send a video ahead of time.

Bracuti likes the idea of saving interview time for real discussion. “I could send a video highlighting more about the company before we get on a call so the candidate and I can really concentrate on how they would be a good fit for this role and answer any questions they may have about culture, benefits, team make-up, etc.”

Alternatively, you can send a video after the conversation as a takeaway for any potential hire who might need to think further about a job.

Here’s a brief sample script for creating your own recruiting video:

Section 1: Introduce the company

Explain how long the company has existed, what your mission and core values are, and what growth you have planned over the next few years.

Section 2: Introduce the teams

Give a sense of the division of work and how the teams at a company work together to give a candidate a sense of how their work would fit into the bigger picture.

Section 3: Discuss the company’s work culture and benefits

Talk about what a person can expect working at your company. At mmhmm, we would emphasize the asynchronous and distributed nature of our work to reassure candidates that all time zones are truly accommodated. If you can, include social proof from current employees on what makes working at your company unique and fulfilling.

Section 4: How to apply

Include a key contact or a URL where candidates can find the most up-to-date information on job openings.

Tip: Try job or team-specific videos

Help potential candidates dive deeper with variations on the main recruiting video. A job-specific presentation can explain why the position is open and what requirements we’re hoping candidates meet. (Here’s one we made for a senior community manager position.)

Team-specific videos can introduce that group’s culture and work style, which may be unique to them within the company. For out-of-office, distributed teams, a group video can make a candidate feel welcome by introducing the different personalities and communication styles.

The goal with all of these videos is to give a potential employee a better sense of their future with a company even before you meet face-to-face. Try one today, and if you make it in mmhmm, we’ll boost its signal on our social media. (And check out our job openings if you're interested in working with us!)