For educators: How to create better video lessons with mmhmm

Ganda Suthivarakom

Feb 18, 2022

Educators had a real trial by fire during the pandemic, throwing themselves into video technology and learning new skills. Now that teachers and students are returning to the classroom, we're seeing teachers in the post-pandemic world use mmhmm in creative ways to augment their in-person teaching with video. 

Jessica Williams was a long-time teacher for K-12 students before becoming a knowledge manager for mmhmm. In her experience, personal connection with students motivates learning. 

"Educating isn't just about hurling content at learners—it's about knowing how to craft that content in a way that bolsters connections with students and piques their curiosity,” says Williams. “mmhmm gives educators the opportunity to seamlessly curate content that is both informative and captivating.”

Video can add to a well-rounded plan, offering educators the chance to interact with their content in new ways. Teachers are using video to complement their in-person lessons with engaging video explanations of key concepts, which students can revisit. Instead of just projecting images from a slide deck, mmhmm helps teachers participate from within content to create a dynamic, immersive experience that helps students actively engage with what they’re learning about. With mmhmm’s recording capabilities, teachers also have a chance to customize lessons to each class.  

Educators at the university level also use mmhmm to connect with students by communicating in imagery, the lingua franca of a generation raised on social media. “Visualizing concepts for our students is crucial for their learning,” says Rebekah Maggor, artistic director for mmhmm and a former university professor. “In using mmhmm in the classroom, I find that the technology makes integrating and interacting with media simple and intuitive to an extent that it encourages educators to visualize their ideas with photos, illustrations, GIFs, videos, and live demonstrations.”

Here’s how to create a lesson in mmhmm.

Hook your students with an interesting concept

Person with pink shirt showing a slide of a painting of an angel that says "What do you see? What do you think? What do you wonder?"

Start your lesson by showing an interesting visual that sparks a class discussion and connects to the discussion topic. Stage yourself in an mmhmm room that matches the theme of the day. TIP: You can use mmhmm to share another screen or device. Try using your phone as an overhead projector if you want to draw or manipulate objects, or a USB-enabled microscope to share close-ups of tiny objects.

Dig deeper into the lessons’ content 

Person with short hair and glasses moving around the screen of a storybook

Highlight key facts and concepts with visuals or simple text. Use the pointer, or even manipulate yourself around the frame to focus your students’ attention. Post your questions right next to you and stay present to discuss your students’ answers so they can see that you are listening and engaged.

Challenge your students to explore more deeply 

Person with glasses smiling next to an oil painting of two people in dresses and hats

Students today understand visual communication. Ask them to research and share images of their own. By having them actively engage with visuals, they’ll have a chance to demonstrate their understanding of the concept. 

See how other teachers are using mmhmm

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