Rooms to try this week: Desk rooms

Ganda Suthivarakom

Mar 15, 2022

Ready for a weekday update? Host your own late night talk show or report your own news with our new desk rooms.

To add these to your favorites, go to the Rooms tab, click on ‘+ More Rooms…’ at the top, and add these to your list.

News Anchor

Woman doing thumbs up next to News Anchor slide

You're sunny and clear. Credit: Peter Kemme and bernardwsk14

Library Desk

Woman typing in front of bookshelves and making shush gesture

Finally, a library you can talk in. Credit: Peter Kemme and Ira Lichi

The Latest Show

Woman wiht striped glasses laughing at a desk

Our next room needs no introduction. Credit: Peter Kemme, Mount 3D and Business stock

World Column

Woman making fist pump wearing striped glasses

Shed light on world issues. Credit: Carlos Rocafort

Outdoor Desk

Woman switching to sunglasses in front of a big tree at a wooden table

Investigating out in the field. Credit: Peter Kemme, NT_Studio and CHDigitalMedia

Skyline Desk

Woman putting lipstick on in front of skyline behind desk

Just add announcer and live band. Credit: Peter Kemme, bernardwsk14, and Rudy Balasko

World News Report

Woman reading from sheaf of papers

All news is global news. Credit: Peter Kemme and Mount 3D