CEO Phil Libin: "Good Products are Never Neutral"

Ganda Suthivarakom

Oct 6, 2020

Our CEO and cofounder, Phil Libin, has some real talk over at Dot Dot Dot on how products should be built with intentional, ethical design.

"I want to make products that have a clear view of how they make the world better. This runs contrary to a lot of tech industry conventional wisdom. "Technology is neutral," goes the common refrain. "It can be used for good or for evil."


Conventional wisdom didn't get to be "conventional" because it's true. It got there because it's easy to repeat. And in this case, it's lazy. When people make a product, they put forth an opinion of how it will shape the world. And product creators must assume responsibility for what happens next."

Read the whole article on The Gray Area, Dot Dot Dot's newsletter. For a conversation between Phil Libin and Dot Dot Dot's Laurie Segall, listen to the First Contact podcast episode.