Present better together

Double your confidence on video by presenting with a friend (or ten). mmhmm puts you and your colleagues into one virtual space in live or recorded video—no postage stamp grids, no green screens required, and no learning curve.

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Multiple presenters

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Inviting a friend

Step 1

Invite a friend or join a conversation through a link.

Styling the presenter

Step 2

Choose a background to match your conversation. Resize, style, and move yourselves around the space.


Step 3

Upload images, video, a deck, text slides—everyone can control what’s on screen.


Step 4

Record a video or connect to another video conferencing platform.


Great for multiple presenters

What you can do in mmhmm

mmhmm is a hybrid video app built to make video communication powerful and easy. Being on screen with a friend is just the beginning.

Recording features:

Invite up to ten people to be on screen together

Screenshare almost anything behind you

Pin multiple visuals

Apply backgrounds and special effects

Resize, style, and move yourselves around the virtual space


Connect to Zoom, Meet, Teams, Webex, and anything that allows a virtual camera

Import decks from PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF

Record video and edit as you go

Share video link or .mp4

See who’s watched

Present a united front

Up the energy and flow by presenting pitches, demos, and talks with a colleague. Have your partner drive the slides while you do the talking.

Show a variety of visuals

Hold your audience’s focus by putting slides over your shoulder. Share content from multiple sources at once. Or, share visuals in a specific sequence across multiple slides.

Record and edit simply

Who’s got time for post-production? Finish your recording in minutes—no learning curve, no fancy equipment required. Fix flubs fast by trimming clips as you go so you can complete your video in one sitting.


How many people can be on screen at once?

With mmhmm, you can invite up to ten people to be on screen at once.

Who controls the screen in a multiperson conversation?

Can I edit a presentation with my colleague?

Do you need an mmhmm account to join a conversation?

Can you join an mmhmm conversation from your mobile device?

Can I remove the watermark in mmhmm?

Is there a time limit for recordings in mmhmm?

Built to make work over video better

As a fully-distributed, global team ourselves, we’re on a mission to help people who work on video (that is, nearly everyone) create more sustainable and joyful ways to work, teach, and collaborate.