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mmhmm makes your calls more dynamic and recordings more memorable, without a steep learning curve.

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Everything you need for video meetings and ASYNC recordings


Put yourself on screen with any content, screenshare, or an imported presentation. Choose from hundreds of backgrounds.


Join video calls—Zoom, Meet, Teams, Webex, and anything that allows a virtual camera. Host multi-person conversations and activities.


Record your screen or design a custom video sequence. Edit as you go and record over mistakes easily.


Share a link to your video with specific people or publish to your team’s video library. See who has watched and get feedback from viewers.


Eye-catching visuals

Great for

Sales pitches

Team branding

Product demos

All-hands meetings


Engaging video meetings

Works with every video call

mmhmm works with Zoom, Meet, Teams, Webex, and any service that allows a virtual camera. 

Multi-person video

Invite up to ten people to join you on screen to simulate being in the same room.

Meeting activities

Choose from special backgrounds designed for group interaction—great for meeting icebreakers.

Great for

Remote team engagement

Meeting icebreakers

Fireside chats

Video podcasts


Easy-to-use recording tools

Great for

Learning and development

Asynchronous video updates

Customized video responses

Design reviews


Smart video sharing

Shareable video links

Publish your videos to the cloud and send links to view. Set team-wide or individual permission so only the right people can see your video. Or, download as .mp4 and share elsewhere.

Team video library

Publish videos to shared channels so your team can watch anytime.


Add closed captioning to improve your videos’ accessibility. Edit the transcript before you publish. Download transcripts as a .srt (SubRip Text) file or upload your own.

Audience insights

See who has (and has not) watched your video. Get feedback and emoji reactions from your audience.

Great for

Internal business updates


Customer support responses

Colleague introductions

mmhmm works where you do

For joining meetings on Zoom, Meet, Teams, Webex, and anything that allows a virtual camera.

Great for creating and editing presentations from your desktop computer.

Record short videos with light editing.

Invite up to ten people onscreen for conversation or activity.

Requires macOS 12.3 and above. Mac M1 processor is preferred. Also available for Windows.

Built-in security

SOC2 Type 1 certification

We have received certification by an independent auditing firm that demonstrates our commitment to protecting data security.

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Single sign-on

Create and manage your mmhmm account through single sign-on (SSO) with Google or Apple.

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Admin for Teams

Manage your users and billing through a single dashboard. Register an email domain for automatic approval.

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Your video meetings should look this good.

Download mmhmm and bring more joy to your next video call.

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