Why you should use mmhmm with Zoom

Ganda Suthivarakom

Oct 27, 2020

Mmhmm lives to make your Zoom calls better, for you and everyone else on the call. We want to be the frosting on your Zoom cupcake, the flame on your Zoom candle, the mechanical keyboard on your Zoom desktop. 

What mmhmm can do with Zoom

We love Zoom, and we think the company is great at providing a reliable video platform. Their filters and emoji reactions are fun, but you might not be looking to add a unicorn horn to yourself while you’re pitching to a potential client or trying to teach a college-level course. 

What mmhmm can do is provide useful features for keeping your viewers engaged while you talk. You get to be a real-time producer on your presentations without getting up from your kitchen table.

Here are the things you can only do with mmhmm:

  • Change your backdrop to a variety of fun-but-professional backgrounds that can hide whatever you have behind you—with or without a green screen. 
  • Using our resizer, fader, and presentation tools, you can draw your viewers’ attention where you want it to go—eyes on you, eyes on the pictures, or both.
  • Share two cameras during a live presentation—one from your laptop that records you head-on, and a microscope or a document camera for demonstration detail.
  • Line up multiple windows to screen share ahead of time.

It’s easy—we promise! Here’s how to get started using mmhmm + Zoom:

How to connect mmhmm with Zoom

1. Open mmhmm.

2. Open Zoom and choose the mmhmm virtual camera in settings.

For more details, see Join a video meeting 

Screenshot of Away button in mmhmm

How to disconnect your Zoom call from mmhmm

When you’re ready to be another plain box on the Zoom grid, you can do one of the following things:

1. Click the chevron next to the Stop Video button and choose Facetime HD camera (or whichever camera you are using). 

2. ALTERNATE: You can click the “Away” button to hide your presentation. Your viewers will see a slide that says “Be right back”

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