We’re giving a free gift to our first 1,000 subscribers

Ganda Suthivarakom

Nov 13, 2020

Want some swag to prove you are an mmhmm original? We got you. We are sending a little thank you gift of stickers to the first 1,000 paying yearly premium subscribers. (ICYMI, we've already named our logo after our first paying customer.)

pack of mmhmm stickers

Each sticker is a unique take on the mmhmm logo. One of the cool things about our brand is that the logo—like the mmhmm product itself—is flexible and can be used in infinite creative ways. Our design team has had fun transforming it into everything from a toaster to a game console. Check out our Instagram feed for a preview of some of the designs you might find in your sticker kit.

To get your sticker pack, sign up for a year's subscription. We'll send you an email requesting your shipping address (anywhere in the world). Once we receive your address, we'll mail your gift to you.

And don’t worry about coming on board too soon—anyone who purchases during their free trial (whether it’s the first 7 days or the three months for our beta testers) won’t “lose” any of the free time if you subscribe. We’ll just add whatever’s left to the end of your subscription.

Thank you for your support!