Tighten up your videos with split and merge

Ganda Suthivarakom

Feb 8, 2024

Splitting up and getting back together is painless—at least it is when it comes to your video. The latest update to mmhmm lets you easily cut and combine chapters (you know about chapters, right?) to tighten your video’s flow.

mmhmm UI cursor pointing to Split button

Split lets you break up any chapter into two chapters for clean, easy edits that help your audience stay engaged. Trim the freshly cut ends of each chapter to improve the pacing of your presentation. Chop out an unwanted section in the middle of a chapter by splitting before and after the problem section, then delete the stuff you don’t want. The other two parts stitch back together automatically. If you inadvertently forget an important detail, split your chapter and slip a new recording into the open space—even after you’ve published your video.

mmhmm UI showing merge button

Merge lets you choose two or more chapters and combine them into a single chapter. Fewer chapters make it easier for viewers to scan the contents of your video at a glance. Consolidate your video into a digestible chapter list so your audience can easily navigate to the sections that matter most to them.

For more details on recording, check out our help center article, Record and share video.

So go ahead, break up and make up chapters all you want. Your audience will thank you for it.