BLOG builds more engaging virtual experiences and scales host participation by 6x with mmhmm

Ganda Suthivarakom

Apr 27, 2023’s mission of making our new video lives more fun and memorable is one that mmhmm can get behind. uses mmhmm to improve customer experience, broaden accessibility with platform-agnostic implementation, and scale up training for one of their most popular offerings.

Marketing coordinator Angela Robinson says that what sets apart from competitors is their ability to create a truly unique and immersive experience on the video platforms most people work on every day. “We really had to find a way to differentiate ourselves and stand out and create events that were above the competition, raising expectations every time, which is where mmhmm came in,” said Robinson., an offshoot of Museum Hack, was born in March of 2020 after the pandemic necessitated a pivot away from in-person tours to virtual events. Espionage, one of their top five most popular virtual events, uses mmhmm to provide an immersive experience that makes participants feel like they are in their own spy movie.

“I took a look at mmhmm and found that it was just so much easier to train people up on.”

Kris Buxton-Dean

Creative Development Lead,

Kris Buxton-Dean, Creative Development Lead, oversees the creation of events and uses mmhmm to improve their production value. mmhmm’s easy-to-navigate tools help him mix live puzzles, themed backgrounds, prerecorded interruptions, and special effects to create an immersive experience that gives participants a jolt of the unexpected.

“What we're trying to do at Teambuilding is defy expectations,” said Buxton-Dean.

With mmhmm, Buxton-Dean’s team can achieve his creative vision without having to learn complicated software. After first trying to achieve the multimedia experience using OBS, an open-source video editing platform, Buxton-Dean found that the technology was just too complicated for his team, many of whom were tour guides with little technical experience.

That’s when his manager suggested he try mmhmm. “I took a look at mmhmm and found that it was just so much easier to train people up on. I could build the scenes in advance, send them on to another host, and then the host could open those scenes and they're already built,” Buxton-Dean said. With mmhmm, was able to scale training and implementation of the full Espionage experience to six times as many hosts as before.

For, mmhmm’s platform-agnostic capabilities allow them to meet clients where they are and play their games in Zoom, Meet, Teams, Webex, or any other platform preferred by their clients. “One of the specific demands of this event was that we wanted something for a client who wanted to do an event on Jitsi Meet, BlueJeans, 8x8 Meetings—platforms that are not as mainstream as Zoom. We needed something that was simple enough and robust enough to work in different platforms,” said Buxton-Dean.

Three years after pivoting to virtual events, the most surprising thing Buxton-Dean has learned is that customers prefer competitive events to collaborative ones. “I've been surprised at how much people love competition, particularly competition for imaginary points online. Nothing brings them together quite like competing with a team against another team,” he laughed.

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