Something big is coming this summer

Ganda Suthivarakom

May 6, 2021

For the past fourteen months we've been on video because we had to be. It wasn't great, but we learned how to connect with one another across different time zones, how to get more done asynchronously, and how to collaborate while distributed. (And we doubt anyone missed long commutes on crowded freeways or subways.)

Finally, we're getting back to a more normal world. Many of us will be able to choose what to do on video and what to do in person. Just having that choice is exhilarating. We can't wait to do some in-person stuff, like going to a restaurant, getting a haircut, and...going to a restaurant! But there's a lot of stuff that we're going to continue doing on video...because it's better that way.

Now we'll show you why (and when) video is where you should be. With mmhmm, we’ve been able to really engage with an audience, to direct viewers’ attention to the right information, and to have more fun while doing it. Video makes work possible, but mmhmm makes work better than before. 

That’s why this month we’re kicking off a summer series to help you get even better at being on video. On May 27, mmhmm’s first birthday, we’ll unveil new features in our biggest update yet, share sessions on how to uplevel your performances on video, and showcase the innovative ways our community uses mmhmm to connect with their audiences—all free, and all in mmhmm. 

Download and register for mmhmm to be kept in the loop on our most ambitious program yet.